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Keisei-Ueno station / Luggage storage service

Why not enjoy some sightseeing and shopping with nothing in hand before taking the Skyliner to Narita Airport?
Your luggage can be checked in at the Keisei-Ueno station luggage counter.

①The fare is 900yen per item per day.
②The baggage should be within 170cm (total dimensions)/ 30kg
③Pick up on the day you leave.(Opening hours 9:00~18:00)
④In the case you do not pick up during the opening hour, arrear of 900yen per item per day would be charged.
⑤We dispose of the item left for 10days.
⑥You CANNOT leave the following items:
・Cash  ・Valuables  ・Securities ・Passport  ・Art object   ・Remains ・Mortuary tablet ・Animals  ・Plants  ・Seafood  ・Items with odor  ・Items requiring refrigeration  ・Putrescible items  ・Items easily deteriorate ・Volatile or explosive chemicals and materials ・Guns, swords, and anything may use for crime ・Illegal items ・Any item hostile to storage
⑦Any damage occurred by our fault would be compensated. The maximum amount of compensation is 200,000yen for each item.
⑧Disclaimer of compensation:
・The damage on the items fallen under the rule ⑥.
・The damage caused by a natural disaster.
・The government or other public agency confiscate or order to submit the item.
・The damage caused by third party.
・Any damage we do not bear the responsibility.