About Us

About us

We, Keisei Travel Service Co., Ltd., are willing to provide our customers with the very best service for transportation, accommodation and activities in Japan.
Our custom-made plans can be enjoyed by travelers Japan.
Visitors expect most suited to their tastes, choosing from the largest varieties such as Japanese cultural experiences, and accommodation from reasonable rate to high-class Japanese inns.

Company Profile

English name Keisei Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Address Keisei Yachiyodai Higashi Bldg. 4F
(Head office) 1-5-3 Yachiyodai Higashi, Yachiyo-shi
Chiba 276-0032 Japan
Representative Naonori Matsumoto, President
Date of Establishment November 24, 1953
Registration Licensed by the Japan Tourism Agency
in accordance with the provisions of the
Travel Agency Low Registration No. 70
Capital 70 million yen
Keisei group
(125 companies)
Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
other 7 Railway companies
21 Bus companies
34 cab companies
3 Hotels